Tips for Investing in Sports Autographs and other Memorabilia

Sports autographs and other kinds of memorabilia can either be a terrible investment or a great one. It all depends on a great many factors. For example, choosing the right signature of a player at the right time in his career is important. Here, we will try to focus on how to increase the odds that you will come out a winner with these expert tips on how to invest in sports memorabilia.

Choose a theme: Focus on one theme in your autograph collecting. This will help you to remain focused. For example, you may wish to focus not only on a particular sport but on a particular athlete as well. From there you may wish to build your collection around this one unifying theme.

Go for the classics: Don’t shy away from the classic athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, or Michael Jordon simply because you think the market may be too competitive. After all, the classics have already proven themselves versus newer players whose careers may go up and down changing the value of your collection.

Do your research: The best investors in sports memorabilia are also the most knowledgeable in their field. Look into the background of your chosen theme, research how similar items sold in the past, etc. This can help you increase the quality of your collection immensely.

Have your items/signatures authenticated: Of course, any item you posses will only be as good as they are real. We can provide you with a letter of authenticity after we have verified the validity of any signature. We know how to authenticate autograph sports memorabilia due the skill and experience of our staff.

Make sure the items you purchase are in mint condition: It’s simple: items that are in “pristine” conditions sell much better than items that are in poor or average condition.

Finally, fake autographs are a real problem in the world of sports memorabilia collecting. This is why you need to purchase each item with a healthy sense of skepticism, do your research, use common sense and have professional authenticators go over your collection. This will increase the integrity and value of your collection and can make you money in the long run.